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I Want to Look Like That: Dior Pre-Fall 2009

January 28, 2009

I’m a little more in love with Dior today than usual; first Couture, now Pre-Fall. Although I’ve flirted with several styles in the past few seasons, my heart’s right back at my ultimate favorite — the femme fatale, with a sexy secretary twist. I’m really loving the pop the red shoes add, plus the complimentary lips. Perhaps not the most innovative look, but this is an especially beautiful take on a classic.


I Want to Look Like That: Cutoff Burnout

January 12, 2009

I’ve been harboring this deep, dark, anti-fashion dream lately; it involves a wardrobe consisting of only slouchy white tanks and cutoff shorts (this fantasy also involves beachfront property in Mexico, but that’s another story…). The above picture represents a perfect medium; lots of comfy slouch, but with a few uber-fashiony touches thrown in (sparkling slippers, big bag, cute hat).

I’m def gonna try this for a few Spring weekends and see if I can’t ease into a fashionable summer iteration.

Photo via The Sartorialist

I Want to Look Like That: Parisienne Chic

November 9, 2008

As I introduce these new categories, I’ll explain a bit about each:

I Want to Look Like That is a section dedicated to the pictorials, celebrities, street style that inspires me to be a better fashion person. Very simply, they are the looks that inspire me.

First up: The Parisienne Chic Prototype

Paris street style is one of my biggest style motivators these days (visit here for tons of inspiration). They have completely mastered the done/undone look that so many LES hipsters strive to imitate. Gloves and a beret in outrageous colors are definitely on my wish list this season, as are skinnies, obscenely high booties, and a huge fur coat. Appr├ęcier.

P.S. This pic comes from the incomparable Fashion is Spinach, whose observations are always so right on.