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Closet Dilemmas: How to Fit All That Stuff?

January 23, 2009

When we moved to NYC, we literally sold an entire house worth of stuff — tools, kitchen utensils, Christmas decorations, etc. Obvs, the most difficult was consolidating my bedroom’s (yes, I had a bedroom for a closet) worth of clothes into a single duffel bag. What I ultimately came away with was a mish-mash of favorites — from a DVF wrap dress to several old concert tees — and what resulted was a motley combination of nostalgic pieces and those too expensive to toss. Needless to say, my early NYC wardrobe was an absolute mess.

Gradually, I realized which items were more suited to city life, and also began to reassess my personal style in light of the amazing outfits I saw on the street everyday. I started editing based on what I was actually wearing, instead of what I aspired to wear. After all, there was no room in my mini apartment-sized closet for ill-advised purchases still bearing tags.

After we moved apartments last Fall, we were downsized again to a 3′ x 5′ box of a closet (for two people — including shoes!!!). At this point, I began to group the items I commonly wore together on hangers, so as to save as much horizontal space as possible. The thought suddenly dawned on me: I’ve always wanted to wear a uniform, so why not put together several complete outfits together for easy reference?

The benefits? Now, I have fifteen complete looks at my disposal at all times — no more wondering what skirt to pair with what top in a frantic morning rush. Instead, I set aside seven looks every Sunday night, and cease to think about dressing for the duration of the week. My shoes, jewelery, and even hoisery are paired for optimal wearability (no item gets more play than the others), so I know every item in my closet is always used. I’ve even found that I’ve become more creative with my makeup, since I can pair whatever look suits my outfit for the day best.

I understand that not everyone has it in them to be so completely OCD about their everyday lives. Very simply, I don’t have the time every morning to worry about what I’ll be wearing — the planning is a great measure to guarantee efficiency. In terms of creativity, I’m still able to fulfill my desire to assemble outfits while shopping (this is another rule — I never buy individual items; only complete, hanger-ready looks).

My friends think this approach is absolutely nuts, not to mention unattainable. What about you? Could you pull it off? How is your closet organized?


Golden Globes 2009

January 16, 2009

It looks like this year’s awards season will rely heavily upon SS2009’s beige trend for its red carpet choices; whether in sand, clay, or blush tones, muted palettes were a huge hit. Shimmer (in the case of Angelina Jolie and Vanessa Hudgens) and ruffles (see Sandra Bullock and Salma Hayek) add much-needed dimension, while wavy hair adds a beachy, loose vibe. My favorite touch of the evening was Sandra Bullock’s bright turquoise clutch — it added just the right amout of quirkiness.

Dear Creatures F2008 Collection

November 16, 2008

I’m absolutely in love with this lookbook: equal parts French schoolgirl/60’s chic/grunged-out Brigitte Bardot.

Check out the line here. I’m literally running to Mini Mini Market tomorrow…

{via Some Notes on Napkins}

JC de Castelbajac Digital Runway

November 13, 2008

JCDC VS LEGO from Four H on Vimeo.
This video is absolutely amazing. I’m a really big fan of fashion brands who are willing to make the digital jump — the internet is truly the great democratizer of fashion (a good thing? Discuss…). I think we’ll see more and more brands jumping on this bandwagon (Viktor & Rolf also presented their collection digitally this season) in coming years.