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Learn A Line: Lanvin

January 27, 2009

Name: Lanvin

Designer: Alber Elbaz


– 1889: Jeanne Lanvin opens her first boutique. Her clothing designs (for her daughter) catch on among the Parisian elite; soon, she’s designing for both daughter and mother.

– 1909: Lanvin joins Le Syndicat de la Couture, officially becoming a couturiere.

– 1927: Lanvin produces its signature fragrance, Arpege, and establishes itself as an important perfumer. By this time, the Lanvin line also includes home goods, fur, and menswear lines.

– 1946: Jeanne Lanvin dies, passing the company to her daughter. From here, the company goes through a chain of succession, ultimately passing from family to investment firms.

– 2001: Alber Elbaz is appointed head designer of the house.

Aesthetic: Bold, solid coloring; minimalism with movement; inventive use of fabric (whether through draping, tucking, or folding).

Known For: Elbaz’s Spring 2008 collection, which exemplified modern glamour in its simplicity; Natalie Portman’s loyalty; extremely covet-worthy (and under-the-trendy-radar) accessories; Maggie Gyllenhaal’s 2009 Golden Globes dress.



Learn A Line: Balenciaga

January 16, 2009

Name: Balenciaga

Designer: Nicolas Ghesquière


– The line was founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1919, when the designer opened a boutique in Spain.

– Balenciaga opened his first couture house in Paris in 1937, gaining nearly instant renown.

– In the mid-1950s, Balenciaga could be identified by his anti-New Look approach; his designs took on a decidedly geometric, clean, and futuristic style.

– Cristóbal Balenciaga closed the Balenciaga salon in 1968, due to increasing financial pressure from the new pret-a-porter trend.

– Nicolas Ghesquière became head designer of Balenciaga in 1997, ushering in an era of renaissance for the line.

– The Gucci Group bought Balenciaga in 2001.

Aesthetic: Super-structured, futuristic spins on familiar themes (including nautical, tribal, and country-Western)

Known For: The wildly popular Lariat bag; the aggressively structured Spring 2008 collection; being an extremely forward-thinking and influential brand in terms of designer influence.


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